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A customized page devoted entirely to your business.

You will be able to describe in detail all the services you offer, include a gallery of photos to show the beauty of your facility, and provide all the necessary contact information for quick contact.

But not only that! Our eye-catching, clear and quick-to-read graphics will capture the attention of your potential customers, making your facility stand out from all the others.

In addition, our team of experts will be on hand to give you all the advice you need to make the most of your page on Togoloco, helping you achieve your marketing and online visibility goals.

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A one-of-a-kind customized and detailed page

Our EMOTIONS section allows you to tell the story of your business, showing everyone who visits your page your passion for your work and the care you put into every detail.

But that’s not all: you can best illustrate your proposal and its benefits to the user, highlighting everything that makes your facility different from others. You will also have the opportunity to offer special packages and experiences to your clients, making sure that their stay with you is truly unique and unforgettable.

Your personalized page on Togoloco will be an opportunity to attract new customers and get people to discover your business. You will be able to include a gallery of photos showing the beauty of your facility and provide all the information necessary to make sure your potential customers are confident they have made the right choice.

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Do you want to make your business known and attract new customers? Togoloco is the solution for you! Find out how our project works:

    1. Website: our platform is clear, intuitive and interactive, with a strong focus on user-friendliness. On your Togoloco profile you can create a unique custom page that will allow you to showcase all the services you offer and describe your business in detail.
    2. Social: Our engaging content aims for user sharing and interaction. If requested, we can dedicate posts on our social pages to our partners, making sure that your business is seen by a wider and wider audience.
    1. Newsletter& Blog: Our newsletter and blog are full of usable content, trivia, appointments and insights into the world of tourism and hospitality.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your business known and attract new customers: join the Togoloco family and start enjoying all the benefits of our project!

What sets us apart.

‘In a few clicks’: finding ideas while saving valuable time. Valuable practical information, “what’s next? Where do I park? Is it accessible to those with special needs? Can I bring my dog? Is it suitable for children?”

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B2B connections: Togoloco’s synergistic business network to stand out and diversify! We work directly with local area promotion agencies, businesses and professionals, and promote them as part of itineraries, experiences and events.

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But it’s not just about business: we offer users an engaging and exciting experience where fun is guaranteed. With Togoloco, your business will get the visibility it deserves and users will have access to a world of possibilities. We are here to create professional connections and make leisure time in Emilia-Romagna unforgettable!

Want to browse a sample page?
Take a look at the Hundred Lakes Inn!


  1. Promoting the territory, culture and local activities: through our popular content, we will make people discover the riches of Emilia-Romagna in a new and curious way. We highlight itineraries, experiences and events that will make people discover the region in a unique way.
  2. Findable content in just a few clicks: our platform is designed to offer quick and easy content and find leisure ideas quickly and easily.
  3. B2B synergies: we believe that a collaborative attitude is more useful than a competitive one. Therefore, we work in synergy with local businesses, creating a collaborative network that makes the tourism experience more complete and engaging.
  4. Revenue: to incentivize your return business, we offer giveaways and/or bonuses to our clients. In this way, you can enjoy exclusive benefits and always discover new activities.
  5. Project format: our platform and communication are designed to be replicated in other Italian regions as well

Join the Togoloco family and start enjoying
Of all the benefits of our project!


Our mission is to offer responsible, sustainable and conscious tourism. Here are some of our proposals in outline form:
  1. Slow tourism. Just like walking, cycling or hiking, our activities will lead to the discovery of new horizons.
  2. Accessible/inclusive tourism: there is no place in the world that cannot be discovered! We pay attention to accessible tourism for all, including those with special needs, permanent or temporary.
  3. Food and wine tourism. Wineries, dairies, vinegar factories, delicatessens and delicious home-restaurants for a true gastronomic experience.
  4. Staycation: you don’t need to go far to discover wonderful places! Outreach tourism allows you to discover the beauty of your region or city.
  5. Well experiences/hospitality: wellness and safety to make you experience relaxation and relaxation in total safety.
  6. Undertourism: let’s get away from the crowd! You will discover unexplored places far from the best-known tourist destinations.
  7. Outdoor: activities for all tastes, from nature hikes to sports activities.

The extraordinary around the corner!