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The Togoloco™ project is the idea born from the desire to make people (re)discover our land: Emilia-Romagna.

Are you a person who is curious about the world around you?
Do you love discovering unknown places and meeting new people? Is routine not your thing?

Do you like to give surprises to your loved ones?
Do you love to celebrate the important moments in your life in original places that will amaze your guests?

Do you occasionally feel the need to find a corner where you can be in touch with yourself,
away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?
Do you long to learn how to do new things?
Or experience unusual emotions?

Great! Because that is what we are also. This is Togoloco™

togoloco stefania outline

Stefania's idea

A Volcano–of ideas and willpower!

Born out of my desire, my need to discover the world around me. From the desire to promote the beauties of my region – the
in which I was born and have always lived, and to spread a wealth of knowledge through which to also discover themselves. From the hope of providing a showcase for those who work with great commitment and passion in this wonderful area to make themselves known and appreciated. From my pleasure in giving those I love special moments, from the care and attention I put into my relationships with others.

® It encapsulates all my soul, my passion, my love, my sacrifice, my commitment. The same applies to all collaborators. That’s my bet. OUR bet. A dream, an idea, a project become reality. If Togoloco® will make you and your loved ones feel good (re)discoveringEMILIA-ROMAGNA, my – our – bet will be won!

Let’s bet together on this bet and create a certainty. YOUR point of reference:


The Togoloco® project is dedicated to Cesarina and Renzo, my parents.


Leisure ideas for the (re)discovery of Emilia-Romagna. Unpublished and curious ideas, popular content on the riches of the area, itineraries, experiences and events. Ideas that can be found quickly and clearly. Togoloco is:



The project involves various media, mainly digital:

Web site.

Clear, intuitive and interactive. Watchword: user-friendly


Engaging content that aims for user sharing and interaction

Newsletter & Blog.

Usable content, trivia, appointments, insights


‘In a few clicks’: finding ideas while saving valuable time.

Valuable practical information

E poi? Dove parcheggio?È accessibile anche a chi ha esigenze speciali?Posso portare il mio cane?È adatto ai bambini?

B2B Connections

Synergistic business network with local promotional entities and local businesses and professionals, promoted as part of itineraries, experiences and events.

Do you have a business and would like to see it listed on Togoloco.com? Would you like to report a place to add to the list?

Fai un viaggio alla scoperta del ricco patrimonio artistico e culturale, della storia, dei personaggi illustri e dei luoghi che rendono unica l’Emilia-Romagna.

Ritrova il contatto con Madre Natura, immergendoti in luoghi incontaminati e scoprendo il piacere di un turismo lento e sostenibile.

Goditi momenti all’insegna del divertimento, del benessere e del sano movimento secondo le tue passioni e inclinazioni.

Cogli l’occasione per vivere esperienze arricchenti ed emozionanti: proposte stravaganti e particolari per tutti i gusti, età ed esigenze!

Scopri i tanti appuntamenti del ricco e variegato calendario di eventi in Emilia-Romagna per goderti momenti di svago e di arricchimento

Take a journey to discover the rich artistic and cultural heritage, history, famous people and places that make Emilia-Romagna unique.

Reconnect with Mother Nature, immersing yourself in unspoiled places and discovering the pleasure of slow and sustainable tourism.

Enjoy moments of fun, wellness and healthy movement according to your passions and inclinations.

Take the opportunity for enriching and exciting experiences: extravagant and special proposals for all tastes, ages and needs!

Discover the many appointments in the rich and varied calendar of events in Emilia-Romagna to enjoy moments of entertainment and enrichment

Be inspired...

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